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  -  2009  -

2nd edition / 2011 / limited to 25 copies

CD: 15 € (+ 3 € shipping)

This is the 2nd, limited edition of the EP "China". Just like the album "Aderwerk", it comes in a A5 sized booklet, including the lyrics. It is bound into a black paperboard with a white cover.

The picture on every cover is unique and hand drawn. If you'd like to get a particular copy, just write the number in the notes (e.g. 3rd copy, 1st row). We'll also gladly sign with a personal note, if you wish.

Tobias Buder


1. Long way to China
2. Stadt.laut
3. Park
4. Einstellen
5. The white flight
6. With the fragments of the end of every journey



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