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  -  2009  -

2nd edition / 2011 / limited to 25 copies

CD: 15 € (+ 3 € shipping)

This is the 2nd, limited edition of our debut album "Aderwerk".
It comes in a A5 sized booklet, including all the lyrics. It is bound into a black paperboard with a golden brown cover.

The picture on every cover is unique and hand drawn. If you'd like to get a particular copy, just write the number in the notes (e.g. 3rd copy, 1st row). We'll also gladly sign with a personal note, if you wish.

Tobias Buder


1. Anfang
2. Kaputt
3. Streetfuck
4. Erfunden
5. Aderwerk
6. Klang
7. Requisitenwechsel
8. Gleiches nochmals anders

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